Creating Order out of Chaos using OrgChart Platinum, 17 December at 9:00 am EST; 8:00 am CST; 6:00 am PST

Join Celia Lowman our CEO for a 1 hour Free webinar in which she will talk about how OrgChart Platinum lets you create order out of the chaos.

During this webinar you will learn how OrgChart Platinum will reduce the time your team spends on maintaining charts and how OrgChart helps you gain better insight about your organisation.

Learn how to:

  1. Easily quickly create your org charts
  2. Import your HR data to avoid having to re-enter it
  3. Use OrgChart Platinum as part of your planning
  4. Create Roll-up of your organization by groups, locations, positions
  5. Create “What-if” scenarios
  6. Publish and share your org charts
  7. Create dynamic reports
  8. Create Interactive PDFs