Your time is valuable. Whether you’re charting 50 or 5000 employees, OrgChart allows you to create your organizational charts in no time at all. In addition, keeping your charts up to date will be simple as your workforce changes over time.

OrgChart provides robust features that allow you to automate your charting creation and maintenance. Hours formerly spent updating charts manually can now be invested in analyzing your workforce and communicating findings throughout your organization with ease.

Key features include:

Import Your HR Data

Easily create org charts from Excel, SQL or other database or HRIS solutions such as PeopleHR and SAP.

Automatic Formatting

Data driven formatting and templates produce professional quality results and reduce production time dramatically.

Automated Updates

A single click makes it simple to add and remove employees from charts. Charts are automatically updated from your data source and formatting is reapplied.

Workforce Analytics

Add a range of HR metrics to your charts, including head counts and budget rollups, These features allow for management to make better business decisions.

OrgChart Automation Products

OrgChart Now

OrgChart Now

Manage your workforce with the ultimate flexibility with our powerful cloud based platform.

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OrgChart Platinum

OrgChart Platinum

Experience intelligent data driven org charts and talent and workforce visualizations.

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OrgChart Enterprise

OrgChart Enterprise

Fully leverage data connectivity and chart automation tasks with enterprise security.

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