OrgChart Professional

Create Org Charts Quickly

OrgChart® has HR data connectors and templates to help you generate charts for your organization.

Always Have Updated Organizational Charts

OrgChart® allows you to automate your org charts so they are always up-to-date when you re-sync your HR data

Import Data

OrgChart Pro makes it easy to import your data from Excel, CSV, LDAP, ODBC, DSN, OLE, DB, Oracle, SQL or Database Connection.

Integrate HR Metrics In Charts

You can chart a vast selection of HR metrics, including headcount, salary, budget, open positions, competencies and certifications, etc.

Publishing Choices

OrgChart® Professional gives you the flexibility to publish to whichever format best matches your needs: PDF, Word, PowerPoint or the web.

Reports and Templates

Save time and effort. Select from an array of pre-configured basic reports and pre-designed best practices templates to speed your work.

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