Version 3.4 – Released on March 26, 2016

  • Dates – Specify how dates are presented in org charts (includes international date formats)
  • ‘Refresh Date’ – Auto-text element (shows date that data was refreshed through a connector or the last date a data file was modified)
  • Enhanced tables – Show values/formulas for the current branch or entire chart
  • Enhanced master page – Map values from the top box of a subchart to values used in tables in the master page
  • Specify top box – In the import wizard, you can specify one or more boxes as the top of your chart. This solves issues with circular references (e.g. CFO reports to CEO and CEO reports to CFO).
  • Find by Photo – Search for an employee using photos
  • Append Data – Add, update and suppress records using data from flat file. For example, you can add ‘vacancies’ or ‘contractors’ to charts (even if your HR data doesn’t contain these records). You can add additional data fields not contained in your source HR data.
  • Combine Data Sources – Merge two data sources into a single org chart (e.g. Active Directory data + UltiPro data)
  • Enhanced SutiHR Integration – Single Sign On from SutiHR and auto-configuration of SutiHR connector when account is created.
  • UltiPro Business Intelligence Connector – Create org charts directly from custom UltiPro reports (much more flexible than standard UltiPro connector)
  • Enhanced ADP Connector – Default report now includes additional fields (HomeWorkLocation and Business Unit).
  • Resize right panels – Click and drag to make search, profile, box styles, etc. panels wider or narrower
  • Enhanced Excel Export – ‘Redeployed Only’ report (shows only boxes that have been manually moved)
  • Circular Excel Export – Generate an Excel report that can be reimported in OrgChart Now (without modification)
  • Concatenate Formula – Merge fields (e.g. Last Name and First Name) or create photos references
  • Smart Concatenation – Automatically remove separators from concatenated strings where appropriate (e.g. [Last Name], [First Name] will not include comma if Last Name is blank)
  • Fallback Concatenation – Automatically fallback to secondary string if primary string is blank (e.g. [Preferred Name|First Name], [Last Name] will use First Name if Preferred Name is blank).
  • Improved Subchart Wizard – Break by Field now automatically splits up large departments that are too big to fit on a single page
  • Improved Rule Editor – Rule editor now allows larger comparison values (for example, when using the ‘in list’ comparison you can define more values in the list).
  • Bug fixes

Version 3.3  – Released February 8, 2016

  1. Optimized ADP Workforce Now Import – Query is now up to 8 times faster
  2. Optimized UltiPro Import – Query is up to 50% faster
  3. ADP Vantage HCM Connector – Create org charts from ADP Vantage HCM data
  4. breatheHR Cloud Connector – Create org charts from your breatheHR data
  5. SAML 2.0 Single Sign On – Single Sign On into OrgChart Now from any SAML Identify Provider (for example, or
  6. Resolution of a number of defects

Version 3.2  – Released January 16, 2016

  1. Improved ADP Workforce Now Connector – Progress meter shows how many records have been retrieved from ADP Workforce Now
  2. Salesforce Connector – Import data directly from Salesforce
  3. Improved User Management – Improved support for large user communities within an account (e.g. more than 50 users in an account)
  4. Improved Data Refresh – User now has more control over how the chart is refreshed
  5. Private Charts – Each read/write user now has their own private folder (can only be accessed by that user or an administrator)
  6. Rule Based Assistant Formatting – Create a rule to automatically set assistant branch styles (e.g. Title contains ‘Assistant’)
  7. Improved Import Wizard – Select Chart Template Panel UI has been improved
  8. Improved Optimize Page Function – Page optimization does a better job of automatically selecting branch styles (e.g. improves experience with import, data refresh, subchart wizard and Optimize Page functions)
  9. Optimize Page with large number of boxes – Optimize page does a better job of automatically selecting branch styles when working with 50 or more boxes on a page (works well up to about 500 boxes)
  10. Optimize Page with multiple assistants – Assistant branch styles are automatically optimized to make better use of available space on the page
  11. Subchart Break Enhancements – Branch Styles are better optimized when a subchart break is removed or added. Remove all breaks performance is 10X faster. Subchart Wizard is smarter – doesn’t insert breaks on pages with very few boxes.
  12. OneLogin Support – Single Sign On from (using OneLogin browser extension)
  13. Improved Subchart Panel – Expand/Collapse nodes and improved paging using the up/down arrow keys
  14. Improved Import Wizard – Better error reporting for blank header fields (e.g. Check Column [X] in your spreadsheet)
  15. Improved Localization – Support for file names containing special characters
  16. Bug fixes

Version 3.1.2  – Released December 13, 2015

  1. Enhanced Filters/Rules – Filters and rules now support a ‘does not contain’ comparison.
  2. Enhanced PeopleHR Connector – Report ID 2 adds the ‘Company’ field and is now available for all accounts.
  3. Improved Field Editor – f(x) shown to the left of all formula fields. A number of defects resolved.
  4. Improved French Localization
  5. Resolution of a number of defects

Version 3.1 – Released December 5, 2015

  1. Scale – OrgChart Now uses memory more efficiently and can handle charts with up to 50,000 records.
  2. Open/Save Performance – File size has been reduced by 60% which results in faster loading and saving.
  3. Excel Import/Refresh Performance –Excel and CSV import performance is now 20% faster.
  4. Custom Refresh – This refresh option allows you to refresh chart without losing user changes to box presentation or box spacing. The selected chart template does not override user changes.
  5. Do not delete – Manually added boxes (such as vacancies) can be locked to persist across data refreshes. (See REFRESH | Locking).
  6. Box Spacing and Refresh – Boxes that are manually spaced can be locked to persist across data refreshes. (See REFRESH | Locking).
  7. SutiHR Cloud Connector – Create org charts directly from your SutiHR account.
  8. Improved Portal/Web Sites Integration – It is now even easier to embed your org charts into portals. Supported platforms now include Google Sites, WordPress and SharePoint.
  9. Resolution of a number of defects

Version 3.0 – Released October 31, 2015

Major Improvements

  1. Improved User Experience – The user interface has been reworked based on user feedback. The user interface is now more intuitive, cleaner and has easier workflows.
  2. Improved Application Security – OrgChart Now has passed tests performed by ADP Global Trust Security Team. Both penetration and static and static analysis tests were performed and all high priority issues have been remediated.
  3. Multi-part Org Charts – You can now split your org charts into multiple divisions. You only need one document to manage an unlimited number of divisions.
  4. Easier Web Site Integration – The built-in URL generator make embedding org charts easier than ever before.
  5. More Web Site Integration Options – You can now have more control over what functionality is available to end users. Easily turn on/off features such as Publish to PDF and Export to Excel.
  6. Tables – You can now insert a table into your master page with just a few clicks.
  7. Summary Values in Tables – You can now include summary calculations in tables. For example, you can easily add a table containing various headcounts (e.g. vacancy count, contractor count, etc.) to your charts.
  8. Legends – You can now insert a legend onto your master page with just a few clicks.
  9. More Robust Data Import – OrgChart Now automatically resolves circular references when possible (e.g. when an employee is set to report to themselves). Also, OrgChart Now automatically populates blank employee IDs when possible.
  10. Lock Subordinate Position – If you manually move a person to report to another manager, you can now lock that change across data refreshes.
  11. Lookup Tables – Automatically update values in tables and text labels by referencing a lookup table (Excel or flat file). For example, you can use the lookup table to easily update metrics that cannot be derived from employee data (e.g. “Approved Positions” or “Allocated Budget”).

Small Enhancements

  1. Easier Download – Double click to download files (e.g. Excel, PDF and image files) from import, save and open functions.
  2. Easier Upload – You can now upload files directly from import, open and save functions.
  3. Improved Data Filters – You can now include the ‘chain of command’ (one level up) when filtering your data (during data import).
  4. Improved Internationalization – You can now upload files with filenames containing special characters (e.g. for French, German or Spanish Excel files)
  5. Import Wizard Enhancements – All field selector dropdowns are wider in order to handle long field names.
  6. Image Properties – You can now easily find the path for any image (e.g. logo) on your master page.
  7. Improved Pinning – You can now pin text elements and images to the right and/or bottom of pages. Pinned elements automatically reposition as the page expands or shrinks.
  8. Improved Compatibility – OrgChart Now works better with Internet Explorer 10 (especially for Read Only Accounts)
  9. Auto hide Views Tab – If no views are defined, the Views tab is hidden for Read Only users.
  10. Select Data Source Improvement – The source path for the selected import file is now shown (as opposed to just the file name).
  11. Improved Auto Login – The auto-login preference is now instantly updated when you click on the checkbox. You don’t have to login for the auto login preference to be changed.
  12. Resolution of a number of defects

Version 2.9.5 – Released August 10, 2015

  1. Manual sorting – Sort boxes based on one or more criteria
  2. Data refresh sorting – Specify sort criteria to be used as part of the data refresh process
  3. Box Locking  – You can now lock boxes to preserve data and/or formatting across data refreshes
  4. Co-Heading Handling – Chart containing co-heads can now be automated using data refresh (e.g. two managing partners or co-presidents)
  5. ‘ReportsToName’ calculation – returns the name of a person’s manager
  6. Field Labels – Specify an alternate label for a field (this is especially useful when using connectors). For example, if the field name is “Position Job Description’ it can be relabeled to ‘Title’ (when used in chart boxes and the profile)
  7. Subchart Name Override – Manually renamed subchart names are preserved across data refreshes
    Peer Assist, 4= Left Peer Assist).
  8. Okta Secure Web Authorization – Sign into OrgChart Now directly from your Okta dashboard
  9. Improved ADP Workforce Now Connector – Improved security and performance
  10. Better error reporting – for circular references (during the import process)
  11. Resolution of a number of defects

Version 2.9 – Released June 28, 2015

  1. Application Security Audit – Potential security flaws were identified and remediated ( was used to perform the analysis)
  2. ODBC Connector – Import data from an ODBC compatible data source
  3. Enhanced csv import – csv import now handles Western European characters and different data encodings (ANSI and UTF-8)
  4. Longer user names and password – User names can now be up to 40 characters and passwords can now be up to 30 characters
  5. Better browser support – for Firefox and Internet Explorer (10 and 11)
  6. Improved installer – for on premise deployment
  7. Resolution of a number of defects

Version 2.8 – Released May 7, 2015

  1. ADP Workforce Now Connector – Create org charts directly from your ADP Workforce Now account.
  2. Subscribe-HR Connector – Create org charts directly from your Subscribe-HR account
  3. UltiPro Connector – Create org charts directly from your UltiPro account
  4. OrgChart Now Scheduler – Schedule charts to automatically update daily, weekly or monthly
  5. Improved text wrapping – Specify text wrapping characters (for example, the ‘@’ sign for email addresses)
  6. Management Level Charts – Vertically align peers based on management level. For example, ‘Management Level 3’ boxes are vertically aligned even if some ‘Level 3’ boxes report directly to ‘Level 1’
  7. Resolution of a number of defects

Version 2.7 – Released April 3, 2015

  1. Getting Started Guide – PDF guide that provides step by step instruction for getting started with Org Chart Now
  2. Improved handling of large data sets – Progress meters added for various functions (when working with large data set – > 5,000 records)
  3. Data Refresh/Import Performance – 2X faster for large data sets (> 5,000 records)
  4. OrgChart Now Web Site Integration – URL interface has been updated to make integration of org charts into public web sites easier
  5. Resolution of a number of defects

Version 2.6 – Released March 15, 2015

  1. Make Top – Display the selected box at the top of the current page. Insert a subchart break if necessary
  2. Publish Branch – Publish a branch of an org chart to PDF
  3. Updated Samples Files – Updated based on user feedback
  4. Updated chart templates and box styles – Improved based on user feedback
  5. Faster data refresh/import performance – for filtered data sets
  6. Resolution of a number of defects

Version 2.5 – Released March 1, 2015

  1. Edit Mode versus Browse Mode – Users can easily switch between a browse mode (editing tools hidden – simple user interface) and edit mode
  2. Improved Data Refresh #1 – User defined fields are maintained across data refreshes. For example, you can add a persistent notes field to your charts
  3. Improved Data Refresh #2 – Changes to the master page changes are maintained across data refreshes
  4. Units of Measure – User can select unit of measure used in the user interface (centimeters or inches)
  5. Better Default Page Properties – Default margins are now 0.25 inch and default header is now 0.6 in.
  6.  Improved Import – More robust handling of Excel and CSV files.
  7. Faster Photo Loading – Faster loading of Photo URLs
  8. Resolution of a number of defects

Version 2.4 – Released February 6, 2015

  1. Right Click Shortcuts – Access commonly used functions using right click
    Undo/Redo – Undo/redo is now enabled
  2. Enhanced Profiles – More control of presentation of the profile panel. Cell formatting (bold, italic, text color, cell color). Also, the ability to add ‘free text’ headers and separators (one column and two column)
  3. Views Panel – Users (especially read only users) can easily switch to different presentations of a chart (e.g. w/ photos, w/ calculations, only name and title)
  4. Enhanced Conditional Formats – Apply specific box properties when a condition is met (for example, blue border if a contractor or yellow background if vacant)
  5. FTP Dropbox – now supports PGP encrypted files
  6. Resolution of a number of minor defects

Version 2.3 – Released December 22, 2014

  1. Smart Refresh – User updates (subchart breaks, branch styles and box sorting) are maintained across data refreshes
  2. Save Page or Branch – Save a branch or single page from a chart
  3. Lock Folder – Administrator can lock a folder so that contents cannot be modified by read/write users
  4. Faster Load/Save/Import – Up to 3X faster (especially with large data sets)
  5. Faster Chart Rendering – Up to 3X faster (especially important when you have more than 200 boxes on a single page)
  6. Faster Login – Up to 2X faster
  7. Improved Excel Export – More options – export orphan records, current page, current branch or entire chart
  8. Shift drag to copy files – Use shift drag to copy files from one directory to another
  9. More robust picture handling – Photo URLs can now handle PNG, GIF, JPG and Lossless JPG images (e.g. improved compatibility with BambooHR and People HR). Photo references can now handle JPG and Lossless JPG images
  10. Resolution of a number of minor defects

Version 2.2 – Released December 2, 2014

  1. PeopleHR Connector – Create org charts directly from PeopleHR. Cloud connector ‘ReportID 1’ allows you to include employee photos in org charts
  2. Number formatting – More control of how numbers are displayed (percent, currency symbols and thousands separator)
  3. Custom Colors – The color picker now allows users to define custom colors
  4. Publish Output Options – Published output can be either be downloaded or saved to a folder (in your account)
  5. Secure Portal Integration – Dynamic org charts (or PDFs) can now be securely embedded in web sites and corporate portals
  6. Resolution of a number of minor defects

Version 2.1.2 – Released November 12, 2014

  1. BambooHR Connector Enhancements – Import employee photos. Import additional BambooHR fields (Email, Phone, Mobile, Gender, Hire Date and Photo) using ‘ReportID 1’
  2. ‘NewSuperID’ Formula – SupervisorID lookup calculation. After modeling, you can now easily identify moved boxes (by comparing original SupervisorID with NewSuperID). NewSuperID is included in Excel export
  3. Linked Photos – The Photo field can now contain a URL to a photo (for example)
  4. Improved PDF Book Publish – Publishing speed of PDF books containing employee photos has been improved
  5. Resolution of a number of minor defects

Version 2.1.1 – Released November 5, 2014

  1. Disable Page Overflow Breaks – End user can turn off automatic subchart breaks (inserted to break up large pages)
  2. Improved Page Numbering – Page numbering is now aligned with the order in the subcharts panel. Subchart panel order is now always synchronized with peer order in chart
  3. French Localization – All French strings updated
  4. Subchart Wizard Enhancement – Name Using field is automatically set to ‘Department’ (if field is available)
  5. Resolution of a few minor defects

Version 2.1 – Released – October 31, 2014

  1. User Management – OrgChart Now Administrator can now add, delete and update user credentials
  2. User Self Registration – End users can now sign up for access to their corporate account
  3. Access Groups – Group membership determines which folders a user can access
  4. Fast Login – Login speed is 4X faster

Version 2.0.4 – Released October 20, 2014

  1. Import CSV Files – Import Wizard now supports import of .csv files

Version 2.0 – Released September 27, 2014

  1. Employee photos in chart boxes – JPG images can now be added to org chart boxes
  2. Customizable Profile Panel – User can now customize profile panel (e.g. show/hide/reorder fields as desired)
  3. Profile Panel Text Wrapping – Long field names/field values are automatically text wrapped
  4. Edit field values in Profile Panel – Double click to change value of a field
  5. Fast Select ‘Level’ Selector – Automatically extend selection to all boxes on the same level
  6. Chain of Command Autotext – Display the chain of command (e.g. Mgr1 > Mgr 2 > Individual) for a given subchart
  7. Free Trial updated – to allow import of up to 500 records
  8. Nine Box Matrix – OrgChart Now will automatically create a Nine Box graphic if ‘Performance’ and ‘Potential’ fields are included in the data source. The graphic can be used in the profile panel and org chart boxes
  9. Search panel – Search for employee records and then quickly navigate to associated subchart
    10. Conditional Sums – Create formulas to count records matching criteria (for example, count of all vacancies or count of of contract employees)
  10. Improved Page Layout – Automatic page layout is now improved to more effeciently position boxes on the page
  11. Subchart Arrows – Pick from 1 of 3 available subchart arrow styles
  12. Field Types and Field Formatting – Specify fields as text, number, date or image. Specify how numbers and dates are formatted
  13. Many usability enhancements (Examples: shift-click to extend selection of boxes and box cells; arrow keys to navigate from box to box)
  14. Resolution of over 50 minor defects

Version 1.9.2 – Released September 1, 2014

  1. Resolved issues associated with manually positioning subcharts
  2. Resolved issues with blank values when using the ‘break by field’ option (in the subchart wizard)
  3. Resolved issues with page optimization + Import Wizard (with large number of boxes on a single page)

Version 1.9.0 – Released Aug 9, 2014

  1.  Insert Image – JPG images (such as a corporate logo) can now be added to org chart pages (including the master page)
  2. File load/save performance – Load/save is now 4X (or more) faster
  3. File size optimization – File size has been reduced (3.5X smaller)
  4. Enhanced text wrap – Text now wraps on hyphens, spaces and forward slashes. For example, a title such as ‘Programmer/Analyst’ now breaks cleanly
  5. FTP/SFTP Drop Box – User can now upload or download files using FTP/SFTP
  6. Improved Row sizing (within boxes) – You can now specify which row will be expanded to fill any unused vertical space within a box (applies only to fixed and auto(smart) height options)
  7. Apply custom master page template – You can now define a custom master page template. Customs templates can include corporate logos, free text and autotext elements. Custom templates can automatically be reapplied when data is refreshed
  8. Import Wizard + Excel Dates – Excel fields formatted as dates are now imported properly
  9. UI Improvements – Insert tab now contains move and arrange tools. This makes it easier to create a master page template
  10. Bug fixes – A number of bugs (reported by end users) have been addressed

Version 1.8.3 – Released July 12, 2014

  1. Publish multi-page PDF – Create a PDF containing each subchart on a separate page
  2. Import Data/Refresh Performance – Performance is 10X faster for larger data sets
  3. Box Layout Editor Enhancement – Inserting a row or column automatically inherits cell formatting from selected row or column

Version 1.8.0 – Released July 3, 2014

  1. In place data refresh – One click to refresh chart from source data. Data is re-queried and then all import wizard settings are reapplied
  2. Refresh properties – Update any data refresh settings without having to go back through the import wizard steps
  3. Smart box sizing – Boxes automatically resize based on width and height of peers and selected branch style. The software does the work for you
  4. Improved automatic page layout – Page layout is now better optimized after data import and data refresh.
  5. French Localization – Application is now fully translated into French
  6. More control over automatic subchart breaks – Added option to suppress insertion of subchart breaks on top levels of chart
  7. Enhanced Text Wrap – Limit text wrap to a maximum number of line.
  8. Box Layout Editor Enhancements – Apply changes to ‘Entire Chart’ or ‘Current Subchart’

Version 1.7.1 – Released June 4, 2014

  1. Removed browser scroll bars – on lower resolution screens (e.g. 1360 X 768, 1280 X 1024, 1280 X 800)
  2. Bug fix – Publish of org chart no longer fails with certain special chararcters (for example, long dashes)

Version 1.7.0 – Released June 1, 2014

  1. Subchart Breaks – New import wizard step allows you to break org charts into multiple pages
  2. Apply Master Page – New import wizard step allows you to add master page elements
  3. More flexible data import – Name and Title fields can now be mapped to any field in source data
  4. More robust data import – Blank lines are skipped. Fields containing only spaces are stripped
  5. Subchart Wizard – Define rules as to where to insert subchart breaks
  6. Autotext Elements – Insert elements that automatically update based on context (such as, page number, sub-chart name and date)

Version 1.6.0 – Released May 1, 2014

  1. Subchart Breaks – Manually insert/remove page breaks
  2. Profile Panel – Click on a box to view additional details
  3. Master Page – Define a page that contains elements (e.g. Chart Title) that are included on every page of the chart
  4. Header/Footer Area – Specify header/footer height. The org chart automatically avoids the header/footer area
  5. Text Element Pinning – Pin elements (typically within header or footer) so that they do not shift as the page is resized
  6. BambooHR Cloud Connector – Create org charts from real-time queries to BambooHR
  7. Improved UI – Toolbars placed on several ribbons make the application easier to use and more intuitive (like PowerPoint, Excel or Word)

Version 1.5.0 – Released April 4, 2014

  1. Publish to PDF – Publish org charts to Adobe PDF Format
  2. Publish to EPS – Publish Encapsulated Postscript documents
  3. Publish to PNG 2X – Double size PNG for better quality in Word and PowerPoint
  4. Crop to Chart – Publish only the chart (strip any text annotations/titles)
  5. Transparent Background – Publish PNG with transparent background (charts now work well over a PowerPoint background)
  6. More robust data import – Handles circular references