Tired of moving tiny boxes of text around a document, spreadsheet, presentation, or database? With OrgChart your visualization of your organization will always be:


Import from existing HRIS system or spreadsheet. Update anytime with a single click.

Easy to Share

Publish charts to: Word, PowerPoint and Web/HTML, PDF, SharePoint, Office 365 OneDrive, Igloo and Dropbox

Always Secure

Single sign-on. Granular access control. Encrypted databases.

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Make the Switch... To an automated org chart today:

  • Import your existing HR data
  • Drag and drop to visualize new organizational structures.
  • Add more information to enrich your analysis
  • Set privileges to share and collaborate with confidence

OrgChart anchors your employee data Turn your basic org chart into a valuable HR resource that gives you the ability to:

Export your org charts to PDF, Power Point, or web/html.
Multiple privilege levels allow you to easily manage the accessibility of sensitive data.
Immediately identify who reports to whom in which department, find contact information.
Need someone who speaks Italian? Find someone who can quickly without spamming your entire organization. Locate employees with particular skills or spot talent gaps.
There’s no limit to the categories you can include in your OrgChart. From work anniversaries to mail preferences, whatever is important to your role can be included and easily accessed.
Identify employees at risk of leaving and address their needs before they do.

OrgChart is for Everyone No more last minute sprints to update your charts before an important meeting. No more hand editing outdated charts. No more making excuses for outdated charts.

Managers of large teams

Leaders with many direct reports rely on OrgChart to always keep them up-to-date, visualize their organization structure and track key performance indicators.

Managers of remote teams

Having employee information automatically updated and readily accessible gives managers of remote teams a better handle on their teams.

Employees new, and existing

Orient new employees quickly by allowing them to visualize their place in the organization. Keep existing employees abreast of dynamic changes in the company.

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