OrgChart Platinum Now Imports from SAP

OrgChart PlatinumWith the latest release of OrgChart Platinum, we now import directly from the SAP server, so your organization charts always reflect the latest SAP updates.

Because OrgChart has a resynchronization function, even after initial charts are created changes will be synchronized on demand. Any Org Units, Positions, or Employees added, changed, moved or deleted in SAP will trigger chart and data updates.

OrgChart also imports the SAP XML file, in the event you have the data but not an opportunity for a direct connection to the SAP server.

Now you can easily turn your SAP data into org charts that can be viewed in formats such as interactive PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and HTML. This makes the charts easy to share throughout the organization.

OrgChart allows you to use your SAP data to create what-if organization scenarios, model mergers and spin-offs, and evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies.

With OrgChart’s extended data visualization capability you can use the SAP data to manage open positions, create succession plans and much more. Here’s a video of OrgChart Platinum importing directly from SAP.