ADP announces launch of ADP Marketplace in Canada

On March 28, 2018 ADP launched a cloud-based app store to provides organizations with dynamic access to an ecosystem of human capital management applications from ADP approved partners, each integrated with ADP Workforce Now, and able to leverage an organization’s existing data there. It is the first app store of its kind to offer all available apps in both English and French, meeting the needs of organizations in all regions of Canada.

Virginia Brailey, VP of Marketing and Strategy at ADP Canada said: “ADP Marketplace provides clients a secure platform where HR professionals can discover a wide range of exclusive solutions to fit their business needs, while seamlessly integrating with existing programs.”

Rigorously tested, fully vetted

Each app is rigorously tested by ADP Canada to ensure quality and security. Instead of loosing valuable time researching and testing  the latest HR tools themselves, HR professionals can now browse, demo, and purchase apps through the ADP Marketplace that are suited to their needs, and vetted by ADP as secure, reliable, and compatible with their ADP Workforce Now data.OrgChart Software at risk chart

OrgChart Now available on ADP Marketplace in Canada at launch

OrgChart Now, the leading organizational charting solution, is among the first apps available on the ADP Marketplace in Canada. Long available on the ADP Marketplace in the U.S., OrgChart Now is proud to have both English and French versions available on the launch date. OrgChart Now is a flexible, cloud-based solution to quickly create, access, and share your organization charts by using existing data in your ADP Workforce Now implementation. Existing ADP Workforce Now customers can demo OrgChart Now today!