OrgChart Platinum 11: The Leading Tool for Workforce Planning

OrgChart Platinum 11 Charts A Better Way to Visualize HR Intelligence

Novato CA, October 10, 2018 — OfficeWork Software, the leader in organizational charting and workforce planning solutions has released OrgChart Platinum 11. Already a powerful tool for both workforce visualization and organizational planning, this latest version extends analysis capabilities through a new grouping display, filters to identify open positions as well as new formatting and reporting options.

Platinum 11 gives richer custom visualizations of key grouping criteria for teams, projects, or payroll groups. These groupings can be automatically configured in convenient multi-column boxes with easy-to-read formatting.

This fresh functionality provides a practical alternative to the normal layout, highlighting exception groups within the organization.

Another new feature of OrgChart Platinum 11 allows dynamic filtering of the org chart to display boxes matching desired criteria. For example, open positions can now be clearly displayed in a chart of its own which could be of interest to recruiters within an organization.

OrgChart Platinum 11: Dynamic Filtering Example

OrgChart Platinum 11: Dynamic Filtering Example

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen many of our customers go beyond using OrgChart for simply charting their organizations. They’ve come to value OrgChart as a powerful solution in navigating organizational change.” explained Joe Kolinger, CTO of Office Work Software. “This new release delivers the functionality demanded by these power users of our software, as well as simplifying things for those using it at a more basic level.”

Other improvements to the flexibility of the software with this release include free move box placement, real-time conditional formatting and workflow efficiencies .

To experience OrgChart Platinum 11 for yourself, download a free trial, or schedule a demo today!

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