Snazzing Up Your Org Chart

So you’ve created your org chart. All the boxes and lines are there and you’ve labored over which important data elements to include. Why not spend a few extra minutes snazzing up your org chart to make it a presentation you can be proud of? Here are a few suggestions to turn your drab looking org chart into something executive presentation worthy.

Add a Background

Add a 3D background to your basic chart. OrgChart Now has a selection of templates to choose from that sit nicely behind the lines and boxes of your chart. It’s a simple way to give your chart a facelift.

background picker chart with background

Add Color

org chart with background and colored items

Coloring a chart and its components can make the various segments and levels of the organization you are attempting to communicate even clearer. You can reinforce company branding by using your company’s color scheme. OrgChart Now automates this task by allowing you to apply themes to your layout. Below is an example of the Lavender theme which was simply dragged and dropped onto the chart.


Add a Title

org chart with titleAdding a chart title takes a couple of seconds but can help orient a new viewer to what they are looking at. Again, you can use your company approved font to maintain brand consistency.

Take a couple of minutes to tidy up your org chart with OrgChart Now’s in-built tools and create professional charts for both presentations and internal sharing.