HR Data Integrity for Organizational Change Projects


OfficeWork Software has provided our clients with workforce planning and organizational change solutions since 2005. During this time we have worked on many different organizational change initiatives: mergers, spin-offs, delayering, downsizing and gearing for rapid growth. Over time we have observed that data integrity problems either prevent, or significantly delay organizations, from achieving their goals..

The Problem With HR Data.

Six hundred billion dollars annually is what poor data quality costs American businesses, according to the Data Warehousing Institute, and it’s one of the leading reasons why HR projects fail. When it comes to organizational change projects, the issue of poor data quality presents itself about 80% of the time, regardless of the type of company. It’s a serious problem because it prevents the capture of an organization’s current workforce state, and thus makes both modeling and end-state predictions impossible. Poor data quality brings projects to a halt, and resolution consumes enormous resources..

Data quality problems are commonly identified by broken hierarchies, duplicate personnel records, misclassified positions, open positions and missing or incorrect dotted-line reporting relationships. With the resolution of data issues change projects are significantly expedited..

The Data Challenge in Organizational Change Projects.

One of our clients, a large Internet search company, was merging with a telecom equipment manufacturer. Due to poor data quality the merger had stalled. Neither company could assemble a complete perspective of their organizations and as a result they could not create a visualization of their merging workforces. We helped the client overcome this obstacle and they were able to continue and complete the merger in a short time frame..

Another client, a major television network, was engaged in succession planning and due to a myriad of problems with their data could not develop the necessary organizational views and promotion readiness metrics to support the project. After analyzing the client’s data we provided them a roadmap to correct all gaps, enabling them to complete their succession planning efforts..

The Solution.

Our agile, predictive process to manage and correct data quality issues have two key components:.

  • Setting the Stage: Clarity on outcome and data requirements
  • Gathering the Data: Assembly and analysis of organizational data

.What We Do For Our Clients:.

  • Confirm data requirements
  • Assess data quality
  • Resolve anomalies and data issues
  • Support organizational modeling
  • Proactively reconcile and monitor issues

.Why OfficeWork Software?

.Over the years our team has acquired expertise with managing data integrity for organizational change initiatives. Our expertise empowers you to focus on your organizational change project without data anomaly distractions.

.Our Engagement

.Our process is simple. It begins with a free 30-minute call to identify project objectives and supporting data requirements. Next we provide you with a project proposal..

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