Importance Of Span of Control & Organizational Structure

What is Span of Control And Organizational Structure? It is very important to understand span of control and organizational structure when describing an organization. [...]

Meet with John Bruner, Director Strategic Accounts at HR Technology Conference

Meet with John Bruner, Director Strategic Accounts at HR Technology Conference Visit us at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas Ocotober 18-21 2015 at [...]


IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS OF ORGCHART V6, V5, V4, V3 and V2 OfficeWork Software no longer support OrgChart Professional or OrgChart Platinum versions v6, [...]

Visual Workforce Planning Presentation at IHRIM 2015

Join Joe Kolinger CTO & Founder of OfficeWork Software as he presents 'Visual Workforce Planning' at the IHRIM 2015 Annual Conference Strengthen and accelerate the company's [...]

ADP Marketplace To Offer OrgChart Now

OfficeWork Software, LLC. Joins ADP Marketplace to Offer OrgChart Now to Help Companies Create and Automate their Organizational Charts in real time. OrgChart [...]

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Why Do Businesses Need Organization Chart Software?

An organization’s workforce is its backbone. It supports the business and its objectives. If it is healthy, strong and flexible, the business thrives. If [...]

The Value of Talent Management and Succession Planning

Software Advice, an HR and recruiting technology research firm, recently released a report discussing the value of talent management and succession planning—“the process of [...]

Succession Planning: Executing the Strategy

We make sure we're all working together on the same page to identify who our talent is and help all our employees grow within [...]

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Motivating Your Workforce ( . . . the Netflix Model)

Workers over 40 are likely to be accustomed to common experiences working at a large company, things like saving up hard-earned vacation days for [...]

The Importance of Organizational Charts

Does your company have a current and up-to-date Organizational Chart? If so, do you utilize that Org Chart to the fullest extent, using it [...]

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