OfficeWork Software LLC. announces OrgChart 9: A Better Way to Chart, Plan and Gain HR intelligence about your organization

Improved visualization and planning tools make it easier to gain insight about your organization

Novato CA, April 18, 2016, OfficeWork Software, a leader in organizational charting and workforce planning solutions, has released OrgChart 9. OrgChart 9 is a desktop workforce charting, planning, and organizational HR intelligence solution used by thousands of companies and organization worldwide.

OrgChart 9: Better Charts, Better Plans, Better HR Intelligence

OrgChart 9: Better Charts, Better Plans, Better HR Intelligence

“With this release of OrgChart 9 we focused on what our customers have asked for: The ability to get a better understanding of the organization, with even more efficient tools to create high quality org charts and employee visualizations” said Joe Kolinger, CTO of OfficeWork Software. “Our clients are getting hammered with a continuous stream of changes due to growth demands and unmitigated flight risks.  They are asking for ways to get a foresight or early warnings of issues they need to address before the problems hit the fan.  Our analytic tools are proving essential in this regard by providing actionable intelligence that enables better tactical and strategic planning.”

Orgchart Platinum – helps companies to go beyond charting. OrgChart Platinum’s workforce modeling and analytics allows organizations to plan and mange change in todays quick pace environment. Managers can easily identify gaps in talent, assess employee risk, manager workforce growth or reductions and even predict exactly how acquisition will affect their company.

OrgChart Professional – allows companies to easily create and maintain boardroom quality chart and manage essential workforce change.

New in OrgChart 9:

  • Improved UI – to make it easier to create and analyze the organization
  • Auto Conditional Formatting – allows for on-the-fly modeling of change to an organization
  • Smart Field – allows for visual representation of your HR data
  • Dynamic Report Writer – create reports and visualization of your HR data as you want to see it
  • Side by side Chart Visualizations – view and compare before and after modeling scenarios
  • Improved Data Cleaning – identify and clean up your HR data by identifying anomalies and orphans. Placing them in a staging area so they reviewed
  • The Staging Area – moving or reassigning employees, groups is easier now and allows for quicker modeling of the organization
  • Personnel Profile View – allows you to get a complete profile on an employee
  • Change Tracking and Audit – now you can track changes to the charts with a complete audit trail
  • Change Authorization Reports – generate formal documents of changes to the organization such as new hires, promotions or termination
  • Improved Chart Presentation – new formatting options, layouts, dashboard and additional controls over the look of your charts.

Learn what’s New with OrgChart 9 or for an overview of OrgChart 9 visit our website.

OfficeWork Software has also expanded its Expert Services group to help our clients with analysis of their organization.

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