5 Reasons to Integrate Your Org Chart into Your Intranet

With the workforce becoming more mobile and distributed with employees spread across offices and time zones, it is more difficult for people to connect with each other like they used to. The days of tapping someone on the shoulder for an answer, or booking an in-person meeting are fading away.

Instead, today’s knowledge worker is becoming conditioned to use their enterprise collaboration tool or tools to find information. And when it comes to something as fundamental as the structure of the business, they don’t want to bounce around apps or juggle logins.

In this article, we’ll explore key reasons to integrate your org chart application into your intranet or digital workplace solution to provide clarity for employees and create efficiencies for the business.

  1. Find experts faster

In today’s digital workplace, information flows in all different directions, at all times. It is important to have a solution that not only gives people easy access to the information they need, but the people who have it.

Companies run the risk of decreased productivity and engagement when employees don’t know how to navigate internal knowledge flows. Instant access to an organizational visualization and comprehensive employee profiles keeps employees focused on their work.

  1. Manage HR information in one place

HR managers spend a lot of time inside their HRIS – be it Workday, Bamboo, or otherwise. But some of the information they’re managing needs to make its way to the employee base – like HR policies, announcements, and employee profile information (i.e. role, location, skills).

With the evolving role of HR is today’s modern, high performing organizations, companies are turning to their collaboration portals to offer self-serve access to this kind of information. It’s really become a win-win situation: employees have access to the information they need and HR can manage it all in one place.

  1. Acclimatize new employees

In their first few days, employees spend most their time in the company’s onboarding center, which is often hosted on the company intranet. These are formative days when they’re getting familiar with company processes, culture, language, and hopefully, people.

Feeding a dynamic org chart into this area allows new employees to visualize their position within the org structure, existing reporting relationships, and how all the business units fit together – very early in the process.

  1. Support successful mergers and acquisitions

Changes that occur when companies collide can take a toll on employees. It can cause confusion, unrest, and instability. During these times, constant communication is key – especially when it comes to organizational structure and information.

Whatever the situation, changes can occur rapidly. People updates can be made in each entity’s HRIS and be automatically reflected via the org chart or when appropriate to share with the organization as a whole, giving employees a reliable single source of truth in relative real-time.

  1. Connect to temporary employees and external teams

Technology offers companies more flexibility in their organizational structure. As we shift towards a gig economy, companies are outsourcing more than ever – a study by Intuit predicts that by 2020, more than 40 percent of American workers will be independent contractors with other global economies quickly following this trend. With a rotating roster of contingent workers, painting an accurate picture of people and relationships can be difficult.

While an intranet primarily displays a view of people that sit within company walls, integrating an org chart app enhances its value by presenting a comprehensive summary of everyone working for and with the company.


Every company has one thing in common: people. So, it makes sense to have a tool that not only makes it easy to find people, but how and where they fit.

Utilizing a tool that visualizes a company’s people structure can enable better communication and faster decision-making. By embedding an org chart tool in your digital workplace solution, you can accelerate people connections for a more efficient exchange of knowledge and expertise.

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 By: Chris Myers, VP Partners & Alliances at Igloo Software