OrgChart Platinum Facial Recognition Feature: What’s That New Guy’s Name Again?

Forgot the name of a colleague you’ve already been introduced to? Need to look up the boss of an employee you met at a trade show? Humans are better at recognizing faces than recalling names. In fact, there’s an entire section of the brain dedicated to the task. With this in mind, OfficeWork Software has developed a Facial Recognition Search feature to help you save time (and perhaps embarrassment) by using profile pictures to find the employee you’re looking for.

Set up is simple. If you haven’t done so already, load employee identification photos into the OrgChart system.

In the View tab check the new Find By Photo box to search and bring up just the profile pictures of the entire organization.

From the Facial Recognition pane you can filter the results by division and scan the employee photos.

Click directly on the photo to bring up the full details.

Another way to benefit from your brain’s innate ability to recognize faces is to include photos in the boxes of your org chart to display an employee’s visual identity alongside other key info.

OrgChart Platinum Facial Recognition Search is a time saving tool for both new employees trying to orient themselves or seasoned HR staff conducting specific searches on their employees.

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