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Types of Organizational Charts

Every organization whether is big or small have got organizational chart. The organizational chart shows the structure of the organization. Or in other words the organizational charts define "Line of Command" and establish the ground rules for who is working with whom. There are basically three types of organizational charts:

  • Hierarchical: In Hierarchical organization chart the organization is divided in to different levels where the line of command follows downwards from the top level to the bottom or the lower level.
  • Matrix: In matrix organizational chart the organization is divide such a pattern that the same skilled peoples are pooled together in a group reporting to the respective manager of there group.
  • Flat or Horizontal: In Flat organizational chart there are few or no levels. It may consist of only managers and the workers and this type of organizational charts are possible only in small or individual unit organizations.
Depending upon the organization you can choose from types of organizational charts which suite your business and the organization.

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System Requirements

  • Pentium III Class PC
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  • CD-ROM 8x
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  • 1024 x 768 display

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