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OrgChart 7 Software Upgrade On June 15, 2014 OfficeWork Software will no longer support OrgChart Professional v5. and Windows XP. We recommend that all OrgChart Pro v5 customers upgrade to OrgChart 7 Professional or OrgChart 7 Platinum.

We have made this decision based upon changes in Windows 7 and 8 and the release of OrgChart 7. If you have questions please contact support@officeworksoftware.

Silent Update Instructions for OrgChart Pro

automatic daily updates to the org chartYou can now schedule automatic daily updates to the org chart using data from your HR database. The OrgChart program can be run using command line parameters. Updates may be made to a web site, PowerPoint, and more.

This feature was added for customers who receive frequent changes to their HR data and want to update the OrgChart on a daily basis. They do not want to have to take the time and human effort to run the OrgChart program manually.

With Silent Update you can schedule a job that calls the OrgChart program, runs it using the most recently updated organization / HR data, and automatically updates the common outputs such as a PowerPoint presentation or Flash web site.

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How to Create an Org Chart by Importing Multiple Excel Files

OrgChart Pro can import from two Excel spreadsheets.

Suppose, Excel file contains two sheets or Tabs (attached)

The second sheet contains some more people data.

This query (below) gives the ability to import data from the second sheet as well. Actually, this is a rather flexible tool, but it requires the SQL requests knowledge. Here is the syntax:

SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$] P INNER JOIN [Sheet2$] C ON P.ID=C.IDPerson

Consider this if you are asked about any situation where multiple spreadsheets are involved.


What Functions Can OrgChart Perform?

OrgChart (organization chart software) is powerful tool used to create and publish professional and beautiful organizational charts, reports and directories, in minutes. Draw organization charts easily with little or no typing by importing data from your existing Outlook®, Excel® or any ODBC-compliant database. Publish results to Excel®, PowerPoint®, Visio®, Crystal Reports® and even the Web. And manage critical employee files and data with a click. The OrgChart database allows you to add fields for employee contact information, or file attachments for documents such as resumes, performance assessments, photos or image files, Web links, and more. Additional templates and step-by-step tutorials included in this great tool help you:

  • Visualize and model organizational change scenarios
  • Build and display dynamic, multilevel organization charts
  • Create employee directories and management files
  • Model and evaluate impact of organizational change scenarios
  • Provide instant on-line access to reporting structures, payroll information, security information, emergency contact information, hire dates, new hire needs, termination dates, general contact information, education, job experience, resumes, job appraisals and more.

What Kind of Organization is OrgChart Designed For?

Short answer: Your organization! OrgChart is the fast and easy, personal desktop tool for any manager, team leader or supervisor responsible for mid-sized, small, matrix and large organizations and teams. OrgChart Corporate version can easily chart and mange up to 15,000 employees in an easy to understand format. Or you can choose OrgChart for organization of 1,000 or less, and OrgChart Standard for organization of 50 or less. OrgChart works great for all types of teams and organizations including sales teams, local and national government agencies, universities, government agencies, banks, tech companies, schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations, sports teams and more.

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What Are The Platform Requirements, Performance and Functional Scalability?

OrgChart runs on Windows® 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/Windows 7. It has been developed for the needs of any manager or supervisor whether in mid-sized, small or large organizations, that does not wish to directly integrate their chart into enterprise systems such as Oracle HR EBS, Banner, Kronos, Lawson, SAP® or PeopleSoft®.

How Do I Restrict Access to Confidential Information?

OrgChart can be securely contained directly on your PC. Information and files you wish to share with others can be uploaded to your corporate server, intranet or web but will still remain linked to your desktop where you will have full editing capabilities. Sensitive information, such as salaries and home addresses, can be password and filter protected to authorized users. The ability to update and change information on the chart can also be password protected or restricted to selected users.

Can I show photos and additional information in another area beside the chart boxes?

OrgChart’s built in database allows you to access and add fields for employee contact info, or file attachments such as resumes, performance assessments, photo or image files, web links, and more, without you having to display the information with the chart boxes.

Tell me what publishing an org chart means?

Publishing an org chart means that you have the ability to save, export, or upload your chart to your company server, network, intranet or even website. This makes it possible for you to share your created charts, reports and directories with all or a few selected employees. Simply select the directory in which you wish to save the chart and choose the file format (PDF, Power Point or Word) that you wish the chart to be viewed in. The same applies to any file linked or attached to your chart.

What if I don’t have existing files and data to automatically build my org charts?

OrgChart is an exceptional tool for those who have no existing data and must build their charts manually from scratch. With easy to use, simple drag and drop functionality, OrgChart makes it easy for you to quickly create and publish your charts. And if you are in a rush or just don’t have the time to create your chart; our professional experts can be hired to create your chart for you. Visit our Support Services page to find out more.

How do I get Help When Using OrgChart?

You success is our number one priority. If you encounter questions and need help, our web site and our staff are here to help you.

  • Our software contains built in context sensitive Help tools, Wizards and Tutorials, and a fully indexed Help section.
  • Free help with installation and set up is included as part of your purchase.
  • OrgChart user manuals are available for downloading at anytime directly from our website.
  • Purchase a Support Service Plan for free access to our expert staff.
  • You can call our paid support hotline at (866)331-4534 or email us at

What formats can OrgChart publish to?

OrgChart can publish your charts, reports and directories to PowerPoint®, Word®, Web, EMF, HTML Image, Visio®, Crystal Reports®, HTML Viewer, and Macromedia Flash.

How do I use a promotional code?

To take advantage of special promotional codes you have received, please download instructions located here.

How do I create an org chart by importing data from Excel?

To quickly create an org chart from your existing Excel data, download our step by step instructions located here.

How does OrgChart import data?

OrgChart can import data from just about any data source. We have prepared a video that explains the process.

Import and Resynchronization

Test files

Be sure to pay particular attention to the formatting requirements.

Is there a tutorial I can watch?

Here is an on-line tutorial that shows the fundamental operations of the OrgChart program. We recommend you watch this to quickly learn how to use the program.

How does the Format Painter (paintbrush) work?

You can format boxes and create templates very easily with the Format Painter paintbrush. Here are instructions:

How do I add photos to the organization chart?

The process for adding photos to the org chart can be found in this tutorial video:

What is OrgChart HR Analytics?

Here is a new tool that we have developed to make your job easier than ever in controlling the talent management and succession management processes.

If you spend a lot of time hassling with org charts and PowerPoint in the HR/Talent Management process I highly recommends you check this out. I have automated what normally takes many hours, days or weeks into minutes – and giving vastly superior insight into the organization.

OrgChart automates the chart building, but Analytics automates the Talent Management and Succession Planning process. Together they provide a very powerful tool suite.

OrgChart v5 Analytics – Talent Management and Succession Planning Made Easy

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