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Why Are Organizational Charts Important For Non-Profit?

Date posted: August 21st, 2014

Why have a good organization chart?

In the United States alone there are 1.5 million Non-Profit organizations according to Foundation Center. And while these Non-Profits serve many different needs they all have one thing in common - people. And like all organizations this is where org charts become an important tool.

Our OrgChart solutions have proven extremely helpful in enabling Non-Profits focus their volunteers and limited resources on their essential mission. Knowing your people and their place in the organization helps them and also keep costs low.
Understanding Your Non-Profit

Every organization has a structure and key roles in order for it to run smoothly. If you are in charge of creating the organizational structure for a Non-Profit here are some tips and org chart examples.

Key Roles in a Non-Profit

Clients - The people that the Non-Profit serves with its goods or services.

The Board - The individuals responsible for governing the organization in the execution of its mission.

Board Chair - The leader of the Board.

Committees - Typically the board authorizes working groups to carry out different aspects of the nonprofit’s mission.

Executive Director - The person in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Non-Profit. The executive director is directly accountable for the work of the staff and supports the work of the board committees.

Staff - Staff people who carry out the Non-Profits mission under the direction of the Executive Director and may support the work of the various committees.

Volunteers - The people who give up their time and energy to help the Non-Profit achieve its mission.

Example Organizational Structures for Non-Profits

Designing an organizational structure will help your Non-Profit become more successful with fewer precious resources. And since you will be likely working with volunteers it will help minimize stress and misunderstandings in the communication process. These examples are not absolutes but they have withstood the test of time, enabling the organization to make the most of the people and resources under their stewardship.

OrgChart Software Non-Profit Org Chart

Fundamental Roles of a Non-Profit

Basic Non-Profit Org Chart

Basic Roles in a Non-Profit

All the charts created in OrgChart Professional, an easy to use organizational charting program. Our software is used by Non-Profits large and small. We know that OrgChart will help yours get the most out of limited, critical resources.

To learn more about OrgChart Professional email us at Sales or call +1 415-462-1313. We are here to help you organize to achieve your mission.

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New org.manager 2014

Date posted: August 20th, 2014

The OrgChart solution designed for your Enterprise requirements.

Enterprise clients have many uses for their organizational charts, from presenting organizational structure to showing employee makeup, group diversity, identifying at risk employees or rising stars. org.manager is more than just a basic org chart drawing tool, it is a key tool for mergers, acquisitions, financial planning, headcount management and your workforce planning needs. Since employees are the life of all organizations, nurturing them is important. OrgChart Enterprise helps organizations in their workforce planning by identifying key employees based upon key HR metrics and gain organizational insights about the organization and employees.

Our OrgChart Enterprise solution org.manager is designed for organizations ranging between 1,000 to 500,000 employees.

org.manager 2014 enables you to create and publish your organizational charts with in just a few minutes. Give your creativity free reign to create everything from simple charts to key HR analytics reporting. Your charts are always up to date, thanks to the direct link to your Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

Today org.manager is used by over 800 enterprise clients worldwide and provides them with a unified view of their entire workforce.

org.manager highlights:

  • Fully-automated org charts
  • HR analytics and modeling
  • Interface with any HRIS system
  • Direct SAP integration - seamless and certified (PPOME or PPMDT)
  • Import data from multiple data sources
  • Multiple chart views of your organization
  • Easy and low cost implementation
  • Detailed reporting and publishing to print or the web (integrates into your company's portal and corporate design)

With org.manager your org charts stay current, your structure is defined, and you can easily visualize key metrics such as headcounts, span of control and, flight risk employees.

Contact John Bruner, Director of Strategic Accounts or any member of our Sales Team to discuss how org.manager can assist you with your organizational charting and workforce planning needs.

Book A Demo | Learn More | Call +1 415-462-1313

"org.manager's seamless SAP integration and the easy-to-use approach is absolutely unrivalled!"
Tobias Schellhaas, Corporate HR Merck KGaA

Org.Manager User Interface

Customizable UI allow you to display key the information and HR metrics.

Org.Manager Multiple Box Views

Multiple views and information about an employee.

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HR Org Chart Software

OfficeWork Software and BambooHR Come Together

Date posted: August 6th, 2014

OrgChart Now, the #1 online org charting solution, is now integrated with BambooHR, the #1 online HR software for small and medium business.

OrgChart Now gives companies the ability to create, access and share organizational charts quickly and simply from anywhere on any platform from Windows to Mac, iPad or even Android tablets.

BambooHR is the leading online HR software for small and medium-sized businesses that have outgrown using spreadsheets to manage their employee information. BambooHR's intuitive interface, streamlined implementation process and responsive support team ensure a fail-safe transition from spreadsheets to our flexible Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

OrgChart Now is the leading online organizational charting software for small and medium-sized businesses that have outgrown using Visio and PowerPoint to manage their org charts. OrgChart Now not only automates the org charting process but also provides customers with a powerful HR data visualization tool.

So coming together is a natural fit. BambooHR customers who are looking for an enterprise grade organizational charting solution now have a simple, integrated option.

"We are very excited to be partnering with BambooHR" said John Bruner, Director of Strategic Accounts at OfficeWork Software."'BambooHR clients through our OrgChart Now data connector can automatically import their HR data, generate org charts with workforce analytics and then refresh from BambooHR as needed. Outdated org charts will be a thing of the past, org charts are now a mirror image of BambooHR data."

OrgChart Now integrates with BambooHR using BambooHR's API. Employees and organizational structure information that exist in BambooHR can be pulled into OrgChart Now with a single click. Fields pulled over include (but are not limited to):

  • Name
  • Title
  • Supervisor ID
  • ID
  • Status
  • Department
  • Division
  • Location

If you are interested in learning more about how BambooHR and OrgChart Now have come together, click here.

Or if you're interested in learning more about BambooHR, click here.

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OrgChart 7 Platinum Now Integrated With SharePoint

Date posted: July 21st, 2014

Watch How Easy It Is To Share Your Org Charts With SharePoint

OrgChart 7 Platinum integrates SharePoint allowing you to publish organizational charts securely throughout the enterprise for viewing and collaboration.

Placing your org charts on a SharePoint server allows for continuous automatic updates as organization information changes. This way organizational charts are always kept updated automatically. Because of SharePoint's security layer, you can safely control which employees or groups have access to the organization charts.

The benefits of OrgChart 7 Platinum & SharePoint:

  • Automated Org Charts
  • Secure Distribution
  • Collaboration
  • Always Available OrgCharts

Watch our new video to see how easy it is to share your charts to a SharePoint server. For more information or a demo of this or any of the charting or workforce planning features of OrgChart 7 Platinum contact Sales or call +1 415-462-1313.

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Important Announcement for Customers of OrgChart v5

Date posted: May 14th, 2014

As of June 15, 2014 OfficeWork Software will no longer provide support for OrgChart v5. Due to many changes in Windows 7 and Windows 8 and with the release of OrgChart 7 we have determined that maintaining OrgChart v5 no longer makes sense. In addition we will no longer support Windows Xp since Microsoft has stopped all support for this version of Windows.


We recommend that users of OrgChart v5 upgrade to OrgChart 7. We are offering all OrgChart 5 customers a 30% discount on OrgChart 7 Professional or OrgChart 7 Platinum. This offer is good until June 15, 2014.

OrgChart 7 Professional Upgrade- click here

OrgChart 7 Platinum Upgrade - click here

We strongly believe that OrgChart 7 will benefit your organization. We have added additional functionality but focused on making creating and automating the charting experience easier and more efficient. In addition we have integrated with Dropbox, SharePoint and Office 365 OneDrive.

If you have questions about this transition or want a demo of OrgChart 7 please contact us by email or call us at +1-415-462-1313 or 1-800-477-1408. My team is here to help you.

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Silent Update Instructions for OrgChart Pro

Date posted: March 5, 2014

You can now schedule automatic daily updates to the org chart using data from your HR database. The OrgChart program can be run using command line parameters. Updates may be made to a web site, PowerPoint, and more.

This feature was added for customers who receive frequent changes to their HR data and want to update the OrgChart on a daily basis. They do not want to have to take the time and human effort to run the OrgChart program manually.

With Silent Update you can schedule a job that calls the OrgChart program, runs it using the most recently updated organization / HR data, and automatically updates the common outputs such as a PowerPoint presentation or Flash web site.

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OfficeWork Software Appoints Nazca rh As Our French Partner

Org Chart Software Realign Organizations

Date posted: January 30, 2014

Novato CA. OfficeWork Software LLC. a leader in organizational charting and workforce visualization and planning today announced Nazca rh as its French partner. Nazca rh will manage OrgChart desktop and enterprise sales, support and services for France, Belgium, Luxemburg and French speaking countries in Africa. The addition of Nazca rh is part of our continued expansion of bringing local expertise and support to our clients.

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OrgChart Enterprise Product Overview

Date posted: Decemeber 23, 2013

OfficeWork Software offers desktop and enterprise organizational charting and visualization software solutions. These solutions helps companies, universities, government agencies and non-profits: create, automate and with workforce planning.

Watch Michael Grimm as he discusses and shows how org.manager helps enterprise customer provide secure on demand distribution of their org charts. Michael also shows how org.manager direct importing from SAP® and other HR resources.

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Microsoft Offers A Free Visio Webinar on Organizational Charts

Microsoft Offers A Free Visio Webinar on Organizational Charts

Date posted: Decemeber 23, 2013

Visio Tips & Techniques - Organizational Charts January 7, 2014 at 1:30pm EST / 10:30 PST

Our friends at Microsoft are presenting a Free webinar on how to use Visio to create organizational charts. During this webinar they will show you how OrgChart for Visio works with Visio to create an org chart that you create once and then simply refresh your diagram as your HR data changes.

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Visualizing Workforce Planning How Org Charts Can Help

Org Chart Software Realign Organizations

Date posted: Decemeber 18, 2013

"Org Charts have the ability to change the way a company does business by creating a decision canvas to empower better visibility, strategic planning and effective project management."

There is a consensus in business today; Workforce Planning is an essential component of a company's day-to-day operations. However, there are no hard fast rules on how to implement and run a successful Workforce Planning program. And even though there are many Workforce Planning established best practices, what works for one company, may not necessarily work for another.

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How Org Chart Software models complex data to realign organizations

Org Chart Software Realign Organizations

Date posted: Decemeber 13, 2013

OrgChart Software helps large Australian government agency model complex data allowing it to be agile and realign the organization without surprise.

A large Australian government agency with a staff of 8,000, needed to restructure for greater efficiency. However, personnel and position data contained in spreadsheets were extremely difficult to interpret and manage. OrgChart Platinum with HR Analytics allowed the Agency to analyze and create a high-quality organizational plan with no surprises.

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OWS announces partnership to sell Ingentis org.manager enterprise org chart solution

Org.Manager Org Chart Software

Date posted: November 26, 2013

OfficeWork Software LLC., the developer of OrgChart Professional®, announced that it has entered into a partnership with Ingentis Softwareen to sell org.manager, an enterprise organizational charting and visualization solution. Under the agreement, OfficeWork Software will be responsible for sales in North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The partnership leverages OfficeWork Software's sales organization and leadership position of its OrgChart desktop org charting and visualization software, used by 7,000 organizations worldwide.

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Meet with us at CIPD Conference November 6 & 7

Organization Chart Conference

Date posted: November 1, 2013

If you are attending the CIPD Conference we would like to meet with you. The OfficeWork Software UK team will be available to discuss your charting, visualization and workforce planning needs. Contact us at +44 (0) 139 234 0364 or email either Geoff Bayliss or Celia Lowman We know that our OrgChart software solutions will provide you with the best in class solution to help you better align your organization.

World Class Enterprise & Desktop Charting Workforce Solution

OrgChart Talent Map

Date posted: October 2, 2013

Officework Software® and Ingentis have partnered and will present at the HR Technology Conference and Expo, October 7 & 8 at Booth 225 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Both companies will be showing the world class charting and workforce solutions for the Enterprise and Desktop. OfficeWork will present its latest release of OrgChart® v6.2, OrgChart® for Visio and new solution OrgChart Talent Map. Ingentis will present org.manger an enterprise solution for charting and visualization. org.manger allows for automated import of HR data directly from SAP and other HR systems.

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Empower Your HR Department with Strategies for Visualizing Workforce Data

Business succession planning

Date posted: September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013 Novato CA. OfficeWork Software announced that Joe Kolinger is presenting how to Empower Your HR Department with Strategies for Visualizing Workforce Data on September 25, 2013 at 10:00AM PDT The Webinar is free to join. Click Here to Sign Up

Learn How To Identify Talented Employees, Analyze Performance, Understand Change. Visualization of workforce data is the best way to understand the vitality of your organization.

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Real HR Advisors, Answering Your HR Questions

Org Charts HR Analytics

Date posted: August 5, 2013

In today's business environment, managing "people" issues has increased in frequency and complexity. It has become especially challenging for HR professionals and business owners to stay current with regulatory compliance and "best practices" principals and obtain timely answers to Human Resources questions. As a result, ThinkHR replaces cumbersome tools, data libraries and internet searches with a radically simpler, cost effective method of accessing HR information and answers.

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OfficeWork Software And Think HR Launch A Strategic Partnership To Deliver HR Solutions To Organizations

Business succession planning

Date posted: June 24, 2013

Novato CA, June 24, 2013. OfficeWork Software announces a strategic marketing partnership with ThinkHR. OfficeWork is a leader in HR visualization and intelligence and through our OrgChart™ solution provides organizations with a powerful HR tool. ThinkHR is the national leader in expert HR guidance. ThinkHR provides organizations with "live" HR experts and an extensive HR compliance library. This new partnership will allow each company to offer additional services to their customers.

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OfficeWorks software announces New version v6.2 of OrgChart Platinum and OrgChart Professional and the immediate availability of OrgChart for Visio - German


Date posted: June 11, 2013

OfficeWork Software today announced the release of OrgChart for Visio German and the June release of OrgChart Platinum and OrgChart Professional v6.2 this month, June 2013. OrgChart for Visio - German is available today and brings a localized version of OrgChart for Visio a powerful Microsoft® Visio® 2010/2013 Add-in. OrgChart for Visio turns Microsoft Visio into a Workforce Visualization and Complete Charting Solution.

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Empower Your HR Department with Strategies for Visualizing Workforce Data

OrgChart Software - Empower Your HR Department with Strategies for Visualizing Workforce Data

Date posted: May 10, 2013

May 9, 2013 Novato CA. OfficeWork Software announced that Joe Kolinger, Founder and CEO is giving a presentation on how to Empower Your HR Department with Strategies for Visualizing Workforce Data on May 15, 2013 at 9:00AM PDT hosted by IHRIM. The Webinar is free to join. Mr. Kolinger will be talking about how visualization of workforce data is the best way to

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Free Webinar On April 18, 2013 At 11am PDT/2pm EDT - Learn A New Way To Create Organization Charts

Org Chart Software

Date posted: April 17, 2013

Learn A New Way To Create Organization Charts Free Webinar On April 18, 2013 At 11am PDT/2pm EDT Learn A New Way To Create Organization Charts Free Webinar On April 18, 2013 At 11am PDT/2pm EDT Organizational Charts in Visio 2013/2010 Preminum and Professional can only take you so far. Joe Kolinger, Founder & CEO

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Introducing OrgChart Builder™

OrgChart Builder

Date posted: March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013 Novato CA. OfficeWork Software today introduces OrgChart Builder™ a new Expert Service for OrgChart users. OrgChart Builder allows Clients to hire our Experts on a consulting basis help them create their organizational charts or have the Expert create their org chart for them.. "In offering our OrgChart Builder service to our customers,

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